Intertwined with a Southern French name, the cunning creation of the founder’s name, Syl(Yanling Sha), came into being. The RUE AGTHONIS series is overwhelmed with classic and charming details, covering sequins, ostrich hair, crystal diamonds, animal prints and RUE AGTHONIS’ signature double R logo.
These gorgeous styles remind wearers of the radiant stylist icons that go throughout music history, i.e., Queen, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones...Their unique, unruly and stunning shapes endowed the designers with endless inspirations and ceaseless creative power.
These fashions fully demonstrate the collision and portrayal of the inner drama of an urban busy woman, wearing them and awakening her inner rockstar.
Syl also incorporates Western classic dramatic elements into her clothing. A styled dress must be supported by a certain worldview. RUE AGTHONIS is trying to shape the independent, and confident urban woman figure that aims to pursue an eclectic lifestyle and attitude.
RUE AGTHONIS has been invited to participate in multiple fashion week Physical Schedule RUNWAY SHOW and SHOWROOM’s (the SCOOP in London, the White Show in Milan, and the Nob Showroom in Paris) many times because of its unparalleled fashion attitude and high qualities.

Yanling Sha (Syl) From Shanghai to New York
RUE AGTHONIS is founded by the designer Syl who served as a top-notching art management and fashion designer in New York after her study of Theatre Academy in Shanghai.
Passing on the Designer’s Passion
RUE AGTHONIS demonstrates the love of theatre and acting. It is inspired by stage shows, movie as well as contemporary arts, and utilizes the dramatic decoration to the design, hoping to tell the multifaceted stories through luxurious and unobtrusive clothing styles that are tinged with sexy, funny, cheerful and exciting elements.

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